John Dentinger

On March 19, 1992, John Dentinger died of AIDS at the age of 39.

Dancing on a Cliff: Memoirs and Memories

--- The memoirs of a man of genius whose life went from Catholic school boy to homosexual call boy. The process included teaching mathematics at U.S.C., dealing drugs in L.A., falling in love with Gary Meade, befriending Timothy Leary, and...well, read it yourself.
Preface and Introduction: Part One [12K]
The Genius Emerges: Part Two [25K]
The Call Boy Emerges: Part Three [26K]
AIDS: Part Four [23K]


Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do -- Are drugs good or bad? Good or bad for what? [63K]

Is Censorship a Civil Right? Part One -- An amusing and insightful overview of feminist attempts to censor pornography by a man who was on the scene of many events. [31K]
Is Censorship a Civil Right? Part Two [29K]
Is Censorship a Civil Right? Part Three [22K]

Science Education: Prometheus and the Pied Piper -- An argument against compulsory public education.

Excerpts from a Letter to a Friend -- a discussion of homosexuality with a critical friend. [11K]

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